Thursday, November 8, 2007

Birthday, Birthday Girl

Whee, I'm 25!

um, I can rent a car now? and my insurance rates are cheaper...

birthdays are pretty anticlimactic after 21, I think. Just heading out for a rrrrromantic fondue dinner (it IS romantic, TheMan proposed over fondue, for goodness sake) with my husband.

But every year, I make a birthday resolution. Sort of like my personal "new year," actually. In the past, it has been small changes, like 'floss every night before bed' and 'put on sunscreen every morning'. This year, in a fit of not having the brain power to think up more little things, I've landed on 'get butt to the gym at least 3 days per week.'

I sort of hate this resolution. Not because I think it's too much, but I'm chagrined that I've set myself so low a benchmark. I was a Division I athlete for goodness sake. I used to LIVE in the gym. Since graduation (3.5 years ago, ugh), I've set foot in the gym maybe 50 times total. I've become a lump, and I hate it. And I think year 25 is the perfect time for this change, I just hate that it is a CHANGE at all.